The Lake Agege area is not only a natural reserve for animals that are rarely found in the area, such as crocodiles and rare water snakes, but also the most important drinking water reservoir in the area around Mankessim, a city that is constantly growing. The Lake Agege Farm is the agricultural farm with the largest area on Lake Agege and therefore has a special responsibility for protecting this unique habitat.

Unfortunately, industrial-oriented agriculture has been penetrating the lives of small-scale farmers for the past 5 years through the use of pesticides and herbicides. An important factor in counteracting this is education and information. But it already turns out that this alone does not provide the necessary protection for the area around the lake.

Showing the limits of action sometimes also means protecting the borders and making them visible. In this respect, after more than 20 years, we have decided to protect our area against increasing contamination by herbicides and pesticides, used by farmers, whose farming at our property we tolerated over many years.

To identify the borders and to prevent theft of our high value DIVAGRI finaced technologies we decided to install a fence around our farm.

We started to install fences around the LAF property in february 2024.

Information boards are explaining the reason of the new fences, our general educational aim and invite to learn with us to farm in a more sustainable and eco friendly way. Moreover they inform about upcoming special events like workshops or field days, when we present special (DIVAGRI) technologies.