Should not a country with luxuriant vegetation, where there is no winter and fertile soil almost everywhere, be rich beyond all measure? Would not that country be the place to find paradise on earth?
No, it is not, because history did not give the people of that country the chance to develop at their own speed, to establish a sense of home and take pride in the land of their elders. In a country with a distinct argrarian character, the latter would include attaining a feel for the natural landscapes preconditions. All of that in a place where for centuries slave drivers and kolonial powers have polarized and created where there never were any, stiching together what never belonged together.
Neither will that country become rich in future, if people keep trying to force western concepts on its inhabitants without a regard to regional cultures.

This is where our project starts out. It aims to combine the natural, traditional cultivation of food crops with natural, traditional earthbuilding construction in a contemporary, thus quite modern style, and to teach and report in an intercultural discourse.