Another technology we want to present to our small scale farmers is the way to extract valuable ingredients from special plants by biorefinery.


One of our technology steps into the DIVAGRI future is biorefinery. Originally, ethanol was intended to be produced as the end result of a refinery process. We want to align our activities even more deeply with the medical process and have therefore started a cooperation with the EDU HERBAL CLINIC in Baifikrom, which has cross-generational experience in the production of natural essences from local plants and their use. In Ghana, the cultivation of medicinal plants has always been part of the life of small-scale farmers.

The small scale farmers can be involved in the process of growing medicinal plants and at the same time experience the entire value chain from the simple medicinal plant to the highly refined and high-priced end product with profit sharing opportunities at various points in the production chain.

The leaflet shows the wide range and innovative perspective of Mr. Edus herbal clinic with own laboratory and factory of all the medical products.