As part of the DIVAGRI project, we want to present a special, simple way of biogas production from organic residues.

Therefore, we decided to install an eco friendly, easy to handle system instead of a cement-based biogas digester.

We found the innovative Israeli company from the Webber Group, which has sales in Ghana.

This is the kind of biogas system we have chosen:


This is the smallest 2.0 version for a small family

Dr. Maik Springmann standing with Kwasi Boatey Boateng (middle), the general director of the Webber group and the responsible manager for biogas (left).

Maik is testing the indoor gas cooker.

For our farm size we decided to install the 6.0 system. The installation within a two days workshop of Webber group/homebiogas for our farmers is planned for autumn 2024. It will take place as part of the planning process for our sustainable, ecological farmer prototype house.