Another technology we want to present to our small scale farmers is the way to cultivate vegetables in a greenhouse.

Normally in the DIVAGRI project we deal with the desalination of water within a greenhouse. In our context, however, it is more about protecting vegetables from rainwater and the high temperatures associated with the very high humidity in Ghana.

At one of our project meetings in Namibia on one of the other partner farms, we learned about the aspect of natural cooling through evaporation. A further development of the original DIVAGRI idea.


We chose a high-quality greenhouse from the world-famous Dizengoff company

after many days of hard working with a bush knife, pickaxe, saw spate and finally a tractor the levelled field is prepared for the erection of the greenhouse

we organised the transport of the greenhouse parts from Accra to our farm.

after unloading the cargo …

Set up of the tent in february 2024 with professional support

the finished greenhouse